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Speicherstadt (Warehouses)

The warehouses were built in a neo-Gothic brick architectural style and each have one side connecting to the water and the other side to the road. Imported goods such as coffee, tea and tobacco were stored on 5 floors that were unheated and laid out with wooden floors. It is the largest warehouse in the world, spread out on approximately a 26-acre area on oak piles, and has been a historical monument since 1991. The first section was completed in 1888. After the Customs Union Agreement of 1881 between Hamburg and the German Empire, the construction of a warehouse district was required to allow the city to be included in the German Customs Union. The Warehouse District Museum shows how the construction was done and how the warehouse was used. Therefore a visit to the museum would be recommended. It is located in the warehouse block L, the Sandtorkai 36

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