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An epic and monumental metropolis, the eternal city is a living history of western civilisation. The city has 3,000 years of breathtaking history with an abundance of art, architecture, monuments and ruins. The all powerfull `caput mundi´ the capital of the world, and  later the Renaissance capital of the Catholic world, Rome is famous for the sweet life,`La dolce Vita´The city radiates joy, informality and elegance. Rome has an abundance of cafés and bars, restaurants and nightlife, and.... over one hundred different flavours of ice cream. In one of the world`s most cosmopolitan cities the shopping is exceptional, the nightlife vibrant, the museums superb and the local wine a pleasure to enjoy.

Piermaster's House


Merseyside Maritime Museum

Liverpool found in United Kingdom

The Merseyside Maritime Museum tells the story of the Titanic, the Battle of the Atlantic and Liverpool's maritime past. Not only the history of navigation, but the world of smuggling, tax evasion and protests and working on the wharf is shown. Only a few steps from Merseyside Maritime Museum is the Piermaster's House. The only remaining house, after the other three were destroyed during the Second World War by bombing. Admission is free.


alma de cuba

Liverpool found in United Kingdom

Alma de Cuba is situated in the former St Peter’s Catholic Church on the south side of Seel Street in Liverpool. The building is itself an iconic destination as it is the first church in Liverpool to be turned into a social venue. The church was opened on the 7th of September in 1788. It served as a Catholic building for 188 years until 1976, after which it served the local Polish community for a short time. For this reason it is still today affectionately referred to as ‘the Polish Church’. Until its closure in 1978, St. Peter’s was the oldest surviving Catholic Church in Liverpool. After a period of disuse, the building was taken over by Urban Splash and is now the internationally acclaimed ultra stylish restaurant and bar, Alma de Cuba. 1788 7th September – St Peter’s Church opened 1788 28th September – First baptisms performed 1817 – One of the earliest catholic elementary schools in the country was opened at the 1818 – The Chapel was considerably enlarged 1903 – Six stained- glass windows were installed at a cost of £330 1904 – The Baptistery and West end were renovated for £150 1908 – The Lady Chapel was renovated for £100 1920 – Electric Light was installed for the first time and the Church was redecorated in. Funds for this refurbishment were raised by sources including a Grand Bazaar held 14th-16th October 1920 1976 – The church was transferred to the Polish Community and for a short time was known as “Our Lady of Cze



Santè Resort and Spa Hotel

Cape Town found in South Africa

Situated in the beautiful Paarl-Franschhoek valley a short 40 minute drive from the centre of Cape town lies the stunning Santè Spa and Resort Hotel. The Hotel is situated on the La Bella Vita Wine Estate and offers great golf opportunities. The Spa is world class, has excellent facilities, and is highly recommended. The hotel has a restaurant that is superb, and the breakfast is simply unforgettable. There are many great attractions in the area to visit, beautiful mountain scenery and some of the Cape's finest wine estates. This Hotel comes highly recommended and lies in the $$$ category.


Leventin yeri, Dalyan Köyü

Izmir found in Turkey

Great fresh Fish and traditional cuisine. For a relaxing time.

Annual Events

New Year's day concert

Vienna found in Austria

Vienna's famous New Year day's concert is a must for Viennese music addicts. Please note that it is just about impossible to obtain tickets to this event, one has to register one year in advance and a ballot is held. This is the world's most-watched classical concert on television, with an estimated audience of one billion people watching. Best for the sounds of Strausses.


Zoo Palast

Berlin found in Germany

The new Zoo Palast cinema has ambiance of Elegance with style of the great movie theater with innovative technology and the comfort of modern Premium cinema. ...


Via Sant'Andrea

Milan found in Italy

On the Via Sant'Andrea are the exclusive shops that offer the finest of Italian brands. The shops on this street are among the most expensive addresses, and well worth a visit anyway, because the Via Sant'Andrea, not only has fantastic shops there, but also great architecture.

Dessert Recipes

Berlin Donuts

Berlin found in Germany


Streets of Edinburgh

Edinburgh found in Scotland

romantic old style streets