• Currency
  • Franc/Rappen
  • Spoken Languages
  • German, French, Italian
  • Capital City
  • Bern

This is a country map of Switzerland

Switzerland is a mountainous country in west central Europe. The country is dominated by the Alps and the Jura mountains. The high plateau between the ranges is where most of the population live and agriculture takes place. The climate varies greatly depending on altitude, but in general the summers are warm to mild and winters are cold with heavy snowfall. Most food and industrial raw materials are imported, yet Switzerland has one of the highest standards of living in the world. The largest contributor to the economy is engineering, precicion instruments, heavy machinery, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and the banking sector. Banking and financial services play a major role in the Swiss economy. Germany is the main trading partner and the capital is Bern.

Emergency Numbers

Police: 117

Fire: 118

Ambulance: 114

Cities in Switzerland



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