• Currency
  • Pound/Pence
  • Spoken Languages
  • Scottish, English
  • Capital City
  • Edinburgh

This is a country map of Scotland

Scotland is situated on the northern region of the island of Great Britain and is part of the United Kingdom. The country shares a border with England in the south and has a long indented coastline on the Atlantic Ocean, North Sea and the Irish Sea. The country also consists of hundreds of islands, including the Northern Isles and the Hebrides. Scotland is hilly and mountainous with broad valleys. The climate is temperate and influenced by the Atlantic currents. Agriculture including fishing and fish farming is an important sector of the economy, as is oil and natural gas from North Sea resources. Financial services and tourism are important and a primary export is whiskey. Main trading partners are the Netherlands, Germany and the USA. The capital is Edinburgh.

Emergency Numbers

Police: 112 or 999

Fire: 112 or 999

Ambulance: 112 or 999

Cities in Scotland



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