This is a country map of Germany

Germany is situated in central Europe and shares borders with nine neighbouring countries. The country has coastlines on the North and Baltic Seas. The north of Germany contains the fertile farmlands and heaths drained by the countries larger rivers, known as the north German plain. The central areas of Germany are a belt of forested hills and plateaus, and the south is dominated by the Black Forest and the Bavarian Alps. Germany´s climate is temperate, with continental conditions in the eastern areas. The population is highly urbanized, with over eighty-five per cent living in the cities and towns. Germany has large coal deposits, but lacks other minerals and industrial raw materials. Germany is the world´s third ranking economy, and its industries are amongst the most technologically advanced in the world. Exports include vehicles, machinery and chemicals. The capital is Berlin.

Emergency Numbers

Police : 110

Fire : 112

Ambulance : 112

Cities in Germany

Frankfurt am Main


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