This is a country map of France

France is one of the largest countries in Europe with a population of around 61 million. It covers an area of 543,965 sq km. Paris is the largest city, followed by Lyon and Marseille. Officially France comprises of 22 regions, each has developed its own special flavour, its own architecture, cuisine, customs, music, dress, dialect and even language. The food and wines are justly celebrated. The range, quality and reputation of the fine wines of Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhone and Champagne are role models the world over. France is bordered by six countries; Spain in the south across the Pyrenees; Italy and Switzerland beyond the Alps; Luxembourg and Belgium to the north, and Germany on the other side of the Rhine river. The landscape ranges from mountain plateaux to lush farmland, and hardy mountains to the Mediterranean sunbelt, France belongs to both northern and southern Europe. Paris has an intense tempo, Lyon has superb cuisine and Marseille is the biggest port on the Mediterranean

Emergency Numbers

Police: 17

Fire: 18

Ambulance: 15

Cities in France



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