This is a country map of Turkey Welcome to Istanbul

The city on two continents

One of the great historic cities of the world, Istanbul is situated on seven hills beside the Bosphorus strait and is the only city on two continents, the meeting place of Europe and Asia. The fascinating museums in this great city are world renowned, the Topkapi Museum,  the Hagia Sophia, and the Kariye Camii. The Great Bazaar is more than just a collection of shops, known as the Kapali Carsi, the bazaar is a city within the city and covers an area of 200,000 square metres, the largest roofed bazaar in the world, complete with fountains, streets, mosques, columned squares, and eighteen "city gates."




Below you will find a small example of things to do in this city.


The Hagia Sophia

Istanbul found in Turkey

The Hagia Sophia or Church of St. Sophia is a former Byzantine church, later used as a mosque and now a museum, The Hagia Sophia Mosque Museum. The Hagia Sophia was the last major building in late antiquity, and the main church in the Byzantine Empire.The church was the religious center of Orthodoxy....



Ne Orion Hotel

Istanbul found in Turkey

The hotel opened in 2010 with 57 tastefully decorated rooms, and is located in the Old Town of Istanbul. Most of the attractions are located about 800m away. A Restaurant, Sauna and Hamman invite you to relax. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, wireless internet and safe. $$-$$$



5.Kat Restaurant Bar

Istanbul found in Turkey

This restaurant in Istanbul is one of the top addresses in the city. The restaurant offers good Italian cuisine with a Turkish influence. Situated high up on a terrace with a beautiful view over the city, 5 Kat means 5th floor. The restaurant also hosts various events, like singles night, famous singers...