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Germany's gateway to the world

One of the most affluent cities in Europe, Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany. The city has been engaged in business with the world since being a member of the Hanseatic League back in the Middle Ages. Hamburg is legendary for its wonderful fish markets, modern architecture, vibrant nightlife, caf├Ęs, bars and the Reeperbahn, where in the summer of 1960 a fledgling band from Liverpool made their debut; The Beatles, as John Lennon said," I was born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg."




Below you will find a small example of things to do in this city.


Fish Market

Hamburg found in Germany

The fish market in Hamburg is always open on Sundays throughout the year: The legendary fish market is a must for all and tourists alike. The most traditional market in town since 1703 offers everything your heart desires. In addition to fresh fish, flowers, fruit and jewelery there are also numerous...




Hamburg found in Germany

The Hamburg Reeperbahn nightlife strip is vibrant, dynamic and entertaining and has many establishments. Trendy clubs, diverse shows and for night owls there is everything here.

The Relexa Hotel Bellevue


The Relexa Hotel Bellevue

Hamburg found in Germany

The Relexa Hotel Bellevue is situated near the many highlights of the city. The town center and the train station are within easy walking distance. During the week, business travelers are guests here, and on the weekends and during school holidays mainly Hamburg-explorers, lovers and children. The comfort...

Schwerelos & Zeitlos Restaurant


Schwerelos & Zeitlos

Hamburg found in Germany

Eating out of a special kind! The maddest of the 3rd dimension restaurants in Hamburg Harburg inland port with large round tables for a total of up to 200 people. A pot in a spiral, takes a downward curve to the table. The craziest restaurant will delight young and old. Via a touchscreen you order...


Desert Recipes

Classic Cheese cake

Hamburg found in Germany

Mix all the ingredients for the dough together. First the butter and sugar and then add the rest to it. Put the mixture into a cake form. For the filling, mix all the ingredients together well with an electric mixer, then fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. Spread the mix on top of the dough and place...