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The city of festivals

Edinburgh is the lively and fantastic capital of Scotland, a wonderful city of contrasting styles of architecture, from the medieval Old Town, to the carefully planned Georgian New Town. The city is dominated by the fortifications of Edinburgh Castle which date back to the 11th century. Many festivals take place in Edinburgh and the castle; The Military Tattoo, with performances by military bands from all over the world, and the world famous annual Edinburgh Festival, where almost every street is taken over by performers, theater troupes, and musicians.




Below you will find a small example of things to do in this city.


Bagpiper / touristattraction

Edinburgh found in Scotland

The bagpipe is a woodwind instrument. For playing air is led from an airbag by arm pressure in play and drones, where single or double reeds produce sounds.


Annual Events

Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh found in Scotland

Together, the Fringe Festival and the Edinburgh Festival have become the largest arts festival in the world. Focusing on the best classical and contemporary opera, music, theatre and dance as the core of the event, this festival is a must for culture fans.



Streets of Edinburgh

Edinburgh found in Scotland

romantic old style streets