This is a country map of Hungary Welcome to Budapest

The heart of Hungary

Budapest is the heart of Hungary and home to almost 20% of the national population. It is the cultural, administrative and business centre of Hungary, and the magnificent setting of the city on opposite banks of the Danube river, has to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Founded as two cities, Buda and Pest, the city is a melting pot of European cultures and history with magnificent turn of the century art noveau architecture, fascinating sites, and decadent Turkish baths. 




Below you will find a small example of things to do in this city.


State Opera House

Budapest found in Hungary

A magnificent facade and lush interiors decorated in the style of the Italian Renaissance. The State Opera House auditorium has seating for 1200 persons. The 3 floors are decorated with gold colours, and the ballrooms and the staircase are decorated with magnificent frescoes.



Paris Budapest Restaurant

Budapest found in Hungary

Some of the best Hungarian and French cuisine in Budapest is served here. It is a superb restaurant, tastefully decorated and very friendly. Opening times are from 12 am-11 pm. Highly recommended.


Annual Events

September Festival

Budapest found in Hungary

For three days, concert-goers can experience the best of five podiums playing music from various genres - especially pop, rock and jazz. Get to the III. Hungarian Jazzday, the local jazz greats will be there. The ultimate event is famous. Head chefs from renowned restaurants delight guests with fish,...