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The birthplace of the American freedom

The birthplace of the American freedom and the capital of Massachusetts, Boston is a giant open air museum with historic buildings and winding streets set amid a modern, inner city, with glazed office towers, leading research institutes and world renowned universities.




Below you will find a small example of things to do in this city.


Old State House

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The Old State House is a historic office building here in Boston and is at the intersection of Washington and State Street. It was built in 1713 and is the oldest public building here in Boston. The Old State House was until 1798 the seat of the state legislature. Today's museum is operated by the nonprofit...




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Situated on the 1st Floor is the tequila bar and disco and on the 2nd floor of Jillian's Billiard Boston there are outstanding and upscale billiards facility with ample opportunity to play. On the 3rd floor are 16 bowling lanes, cozy sitting corners and great food and drinks.



Copley Square Hotel 4*

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The Copley Square Hotel is located in the Back Bay district and is a family-friendly hotel. Copley Place, Prudential Center (shopping and eating) the Prudential Tower, Boston Pops Orchestra and Boston Symphony Hall are all in the area. The 147 rooms furnished in a modern style and is equipped with air...



Anthony's Pier 4

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Here at Anthony's Pier 4 you get more than just the freshest seafood there are delicious steaks and succulent lobster and oysters. A unique dining experience with an award-winning wine list, great service, and a spectacular view of the city overlooking the historic Boston Harbor. $$-$$$


Annual Events

Boston tea party

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The Boston tea party is a re-enactment of the events that took place in Boston on the 16th December 1773, when a physical act of rebellion against Britain by Colonial Americans, ignited the flame that flared into the American Revolution. The event is best known for history and human rights and is held...