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September Festival

For three days, concert-goers can experience the best of five podiums playing music from various genres - especially pop, rock and jazz. Get to the III. Hungarian Jazzday, the local jazz greats will be there. The ultimate event is famous. Head chefs from renowned restaurants delight guests with fish, game and original Hungarian cuisine. If you want to eat goulash, you should be happy in this country that makes the best goulash stew in the world. At the festival you have the choice between 30 different stews. Friends of traditional pastries can enjoy 35 different types, from curd, sour, polenta and fruit to savory strudels such as Herb-truffle. Not to mention the SzeptEmber Feszt cocktail. A real highlight for gourmets is the wine and cheese stalls. Barbecue fans will be happy too. For children and young people, the garden in the Children's World, has many creative games to enjoy.


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