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City Example


Amsterdam`s wonderful and charming gabled houses and canals give this city an historic elegance that is unique and unmistakeable. Amsterdam has a wealth of museums and galleries, a vibrant and buzzing nightlife and fine dining. Amsterdam is a melting pot of cultures, sometimes called the Venice of the North, it is like no other city in Europe, and is a most liberal and tolerant city where the people are warm, friendly and open minded.


The Arch of Galerius

Thessaloniki found in Greece

The Arch of Galerius in Thessaloniki belongs to the early Christian and Byzantine buildings in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. The Roman Emperor Galerius got permission to erect a triumphal arch here in Thessaloniki, when in 297 AD,the Persian army crossed the Tigris and Galerius urged the opposition, without prior consent of the emperor, to battle it out. However, this resulted in defeat for the Romans. The following year the Roman army entered Armenia and defeated the Persian king Narses.



Brussels found in Belgium

The "Fuse is Brussels most famous club," it has two floors, three bars and a private secure parking area. From all over Belgium, and guests from the French and German border regions, come to this club. Monthly events with legends such as for example Dimitri from Paris and many other friends are held here. Open Friday and Saturday 23h00-7h00.

Marriot Hotel Liverpool


Marriot Hotel 4*

Liverpool found in United Kingdom

The 4-star Marriot Hotel in Liverpool is close to almost all inner city attractions. The facilities of the hotel include a restaurant, bar / lounge, coffee shop, indoor pool and fitness facility. The rooms are modern with internet access by cable (extra charge), equipped with cable channels and pay TV, air conditioning and mini bar.


Anthony's Pier 4

Boston found in America

Here at Anthony's Pier 4 you get more than just the freshest seafood there are delicious steaks and succulent lobster and oysters. A unique dining experience with an award-winning wine list, great service, and a spectacular view of the city overlooking the historic Boston Harbor. $$-$$$

Annual Events

Wimbeldon Tennis Champs

London found in United Kingdom

The world's oldest and most prestigeíous tennis tournament that is one of the four Grand Slam events that represent the height of professional tennis in the World. Tickets are notoriously difficult to obtain, so get in early so as not be dissapointed. One of London's summer highlights includes strawberries and cream combined with top sport.


Thames Speed Boat Experience

London found in United Kingdom

Enjoy the wonderful sights of London from the Thames river with Rib Boats. The "Thames Rib Experience" has three high powered boats, complete with PA systems, and most importantly, all the safety certificates and equipment. The guides on the boats are very knowledgeable and can show you the top sights of London from a very different aspect. In 50 to 75 minutes you can see more of the city than the conventional tours. The maximun passengers on a boat is limited to 12 so that you get only the best.



Izmir found in Turkey

Karsiyaka is situated across the bay and can be reached by bus, car or by ferry.
There is a wide bulevard with restaurants and shopping possibilites and a wonderful promenade that is inviting for a stroll.  

Dessert Recipes

Crème Catalan

Barcelona found in Spain


City Art

Sydney found in Australia

City Art is included in the public program from Sydney and plays an important role which promotes the development of opportunities for artists who are not only the residents but also enthusiastic visitors.
It public art projects and programs are continually evolving and City Art also serves plaques and memorials, problems are bound to graffiti.
City Art also includes managing and maintaining a collection of over 250 works hard and the implementation of a comprehensive protection program