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City Example


Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is a mostly modern city situated at the base of the towering Mt. Vitosha. Much of the cities architecture is a Soviet era blocky look, and there are many stubborn Red Army monuments. Sofia has many fine museums,  churches and wonderful parks  The Archaelogical Museum is a treasure trove of Thracian and Roman artefacts. The Ploshtad Bulgaria is an elongated, tree lined plaza, with many outdoor bars, popcorn and ice-cream vendors.Sofia has a buzzing nightlife and entertainment scene.

Esplanade Theatre


Esplanade Theatre

Singapore found in Singapore

The Esplanade Theatre is a stunning building along the Marina Bay near the mouth of Singapore River. The theater is specially made for the Performing Arts. It has a concert hall with 1,600 seats and a theater with a capacity of about 2000. The Esplanade has a library on the third floor of the building. There is an outdoor center and the Esplanade Mall with shops and food courts.


El Globo Bar

Bilbao found in Spain

This Bar is situated in the heart of the city and is frequented by the residents of Bilbao and tourists alike. The Bar offers great Tapas, a menu and wines, beer and local drinks. The Bar has a covered outdoor terrace.


Hotel Laurus al Duomo 4****

Florence found in Italy

The hotel has been completely renovated and is situated near the Duomo. The hotel has a fantastic location and from here one can easily discover the city and its attractions. The 50 rooms are modern and have Sat-TV, WIFI, Safe and Air conditioning. There is also a roof terrace, bar, café and the hotel has an American breakfast buffet on offer.$$-$$$


Elliott's Oyster House

Seattle, State Washington found in America

The award-winning restaurant Elliott's Oyster House is located at the historic pier in Seattle, and for more than three decades, has offered fresh local seafood. Here you can enjoy and discover a variety of delicious variations.

Annual Events

Boston tea party

Boston found in America

The Boston tea party is a re-enactment of the events that took place in Boston on the 16th December 1773, when a physical act of rebellion against Britain by Colonial Americans, ignited the flame that flared into the American Revolution. The event is best known for history and human rights and is held each year at the Old South Meeting House in Boston.


Zoo Palast

Berlin found in Germany

The new Zoo Palast cinema has ambiance of Elegance with style of the great movie theater with innovative technology and the comfort of modern Premium cinema. ...


Colourful Bazaar

Izmir found in Turkey

The Bazaar in Izmir is a wonderful experience and there are many fascinating stalls to discover. The bazaar is very large and has a great atmosphere.

Dessert Recipes


Rome found in Italy


Barcelona Beach

Barcelona found in Spain

Water sports, sunbathing, swimming and much more at this beach. The man-made sandy beach of Barcelona is about 4 kilometers long. It starts at the Barceloneta district and is about 60 km with short interruptions,continues to Malgrat de Mar in the north. The beach is easily reached from Barcelona along its entire length with the metro and tram. Behind the beach is a palm-lined beach promenade which is very inviting for a stroll.